We are blessed with many wonderful supporters and would like to thank all the great companies that help us along our rodeo journey.

5 Star was founded in 1998 by Vern and Laurel Wells from Canada, who first moved to Granbury, Texas to set up manufacturing operations for a madeceasedjor rope company. They later joined a saddle maker to develop a pad to compliment his line of premium-quality saddles. The success of their pad inspired them to refine the design even further to improve conformation, movement, natural therapeutic comfort, strength and application — and, before long, the 5 Star saddle pad was born. Using nothing but 100% virgin wool, our saddle pads are developed using scientific research and intensive field testing to achieve the correct function, safety and benefit for your horse. We also manufacture a line of premium-quality cinches made from 100% mohair for ultimate comfort and a natural fit on horses, ponies and mules. Website: 5 Star Saddle Pads

Like you, Absorbine is dedicated to horse care. For 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to high-quality and innovative products to provide better ways to care for horses.

The cowboy hat is the most recognizable piece of clothing in the world and represents the traditions and values of the iconic American Cowboy. These traditions and values are why our goal for the next 100 years is to continue to provide the finest quality American-made cowboy hats. Website: American Hat Company, INC.

Our mission is to help heal and relieve pain and soreness with increased mobility and reduced pain in three weeks, guaranteed. 

In 1999 Lisa Bollin, CEO and Director of Design, had a dream to own her own clothing company. With the support of her husband and partner, Kirk, and their daughter Lexie, they started on a journey. What started out of a field and the back of a trailer in Litchfield, MN has exploded into one of the leading brands in the Western Industry. Lisa started screen printing tops and retailing them at many major barrel racing events throughout the USA. When she realized she couldn’t keep up with the demand, she looked into wholesale and landed her first 18 stores in 2004. The journey has brought the company so far, inspired many and has become a dream come true! Over the last 11 years, 18 stores have turned into 1,500 plus stores nationwide. Cowgirl Tuff Company is the path maker that empowers, inspires and transforms our industry and believers. Through our experiences we believe anything is possible. Never Give Up! Website: Tuff Cowgirl

Med Vet Pharmaceuticals (MVP) is a leader in providing the highest quality equine supplements and products in the industry. For over 27 years, The MVP team has built a strong reputation with our customers because they’ve experienced, first-hand, the amazing benefits of equine supplements. Website: MVP

Red River Arenas is a US based company, that finds its home in the lone star state. We have been manufacturing livestock equipment for almost 40 years.

We set out to provide the highest quality, all- natural products in the equine industry to boost their health in exponential ways and unlock their full potential. We can also do the same for you!

Founded in 1976, Fly Predators have become the preferred method of fly control for all types of animal owners and others with an abundance of rotting organic matter that creates flies. The company has served hundreds of thousands of customers and the majority of them use Fly Predators as long as they have their animals. Offering other insect control products such as fly traps and sprays and the “Mosquito Torpedo”, Spalding labs has become a major source for insect control. Spalding Labs also offers “Bye Bye Odor”, a natural yet effective odor control product, completely safe around animals of all sorts. Since keeping odors under control around horse farms can be a daunting task, Bye Bye Odor’s strength and long-lasting effects are an excellent resource. Website: Spalding Labs

Total Feeds is dedicated to providing the highest quality animal feed products for a wide range of animal species. Dr. R. Harry Anderson’s 50 years of experience formulating animal rations, and his endless search for the best ingredients have gone into every formula we make. From our first product Total Equine® produced in 2000, to our more recent specialty formulas and supplements, the focus has always been on optimum health and performance through excellent nutrition. Website: Total Feed

Serving Cowboy and Cowgirl family’s with vehicles for generations all over the world.

Wrangler® is enduring American freedom; it’s in the spirit of people who work hard, have fun and recognize courageous individuality. As a company, we believe in solid commitments and perseverance in the face of obstacles and challenges. Most of all, we respect ourselves, each other, our western heritage and the environment in which we live. It’s the same as ever, even before the first pair of Wrangler® jeans were made in 1947. Our history runs parallel to the rise of the country, our jeans worn by the same people who built it. Website: Wrangler