Lukky is the new calf tying dummy designed, used, and promoted by 23 time NFR qualifier Mike Johnson.  This unique design was discovered after the accidental torn groin injury Mike incurred at the National Finals Rodeo 2005 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Mike and his father-in-law began the first facet of the design to help prevent another injury.  Soon a second step was made to perfect this piece of equipment.   Mike carries his personal  tie dummy on the pro rodeo trail.  Mike rolls "Lukky" up to the back of the chutes so he can warm-up. "All professional athletes warm-up somehow before competition.  Cowboys need the same chance" proclaims Mike. 

Mike stringing the front leg at Clovis, CA

Mike beginning the tie

Cade Swor warming up at Clovis

Mike gathering the legs


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Each tie dummy is personally numbered.  
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LUKKY JR. is ready for shipment...  All Li'l cowboys and cowgirls  "Whether its a little calf or goat, Lukky jr. will help you practice-and he is portable! (About 2/3 of the size of LUKKY)